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About Jao

I am a passionate photographer of mostly outdoor scenes. I love to use the elements that I see on my ramblings in nature to create images that at once fill one with awe and on the other hand mystify. Often this involves being out at odd hours and braving cold and other weather conditions, just to get that shot with the nice light. I try to see nature in the light that is often unseen. With these images I hope to convey my deep respect for nature and instill a similar respect in the viewer as well as to create awareness of the beauty of nature as well as its fragility. On my trips into the wilderness, I run into evidence of human carelessness everywhere even in remote places. Not surprisingly, I have developed a strong streak of environmentalism. We have only one earth. It is worth caring for it better. Through my images I hope to let the viewer be touched by the same awe I feel when out experiencing these moments and hopefully instill a similar respect and caring.

On the pages in this site, you can find many landscape images for sale, all printed at superb quality by a professional lab. Also check out the social links above to my Google+, facebook, and flickr presence. I also maintain an active blog that shows off recent images as well as discusses some technical details. If you need to contact me directly use one of the social links on top or bottom or fill out the contact form at "contact me".
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